Better Sleep: These Five Things Must Be In The Bedroom

Better Sleep: These Five Things Must Be In The Bedroom

The most important room in our apartment? No, not the living room with the XL couch and the TC (also important, no question). It is our bedroom.

Because sure, a good, restful sleep is super important for everything. But did you know that you can arrange your bedroom in a way that you can sleep better?

According to sleep experts, there are some things that absolutely belong in the bedroom so that we can fall asleep peacefully and start the day fresh the next morning.

Patterns and colors

Your bedroom should be a place that you really like and that you like to enter. To make the room bright and cosy, invest in a nice wallpaper or a more expensive wall paint. Every time you go into the bedroom, your mood rises, you feel good and can relax perfectly.


According to sleep experts, it is important to have at least one plant in the bedroom. They not only improve the air quality at home, but also ensure beautiful skin.

If you don’t have a green thumb, a decorative plant will do the trick. Although this does not help to improve the air quality, it still looks nice.

Light sources

There’s nothing worse than a bright light in the bedroom. Always make sure that your light is warm rather than cold. Indirect light from smaller lamps on the shelf, on the bedside table or even on the floor is particularly suitable. Super calm and cozy.

Better sleep with quality bedding

A good night’s sleep is worth its weight in gold, which is why you should invest more in your bed linen. Silk bed linen is not only super comfortable, but also promotes a good night’s sleep, because it prevents small creases and even split ends in the hair.

Scented candles provide the necessary relaxation

As beautiful as scented candles are, sometimes they cause headaches. But a good smell in the bedroom is enormously important for the feel good factor.

To prevent the scent from becoming too penetrating, you should not extinguish the candle just before going to bed, but a few hours before. In this way a light flavor is still noticeable, but a too strong scent has disappeared.

By the way, find out what is the most comfortable mattress with fragrances that smell like freshly washed laundry are especially aromatic and relaxing – perfect for a neutral and good scent.

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